A unique blend of vibrant Mediterranean colours, imposed on large sharing bowls and plates makes our Mexican series and ideal addition to the melamine range of products.  With its striking colours and theme designed patterns, it is a perfect companion for outdoor and indoor culinary events, adding an artistic touch. 

15″ (38 cm)
Square Platter Large
SKU: H-2257

13″ (33 cm)
Square Platter Med.
SKU: H-2258

Available Color

16″ (40.5 cm)
Oval Platter Large
SKU: H-2263

14″ (35.5 cm)
Oval Platter Med.
SKU: H-2262

Available Color

14.5″ (37 cm)
Round Bowl Large
SKU: H-2259

12.5″ (31.5 cm)
Round Bowl Med.
SKU: H-2260

10.5″ (26.5 cm)
Round Bowl Small
SKU: H-2261

Solid Colours